The Agape
Refugee Project

Our Refugee Project

The Agape Project is an outreach ministry of the Omonia Church of Christ, which was established to meet the needs of the refugee crisis in Athens, Greece. From small beginnings in 2015 to date, we have served 3000+ refugees with God’s continuous help and direction. We do this by providing for refugee’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs through the range of activities shown below:

Our mission

 To embrace, encourage, equip, and educate refugees whilst in Athens, Greece.

Our Vision

Every refugee will be encouraged and embraced as we display the love of God in action. 

Our Purpose

To spread God’s unconditional love and to glorify His name as as we seek to transcend the differences within mankind.

Our Values

Community, Fellowship, Service and Agape Love

Outreach activities

Our average annual data speaks for itself:

Informal English Lessons

Students per term

Clothing Supplies

Items of clothes issued

A Loving Community

Refugee Registrations


Hot meals served per year

Food Supplies

Infant Supplies

Advocacy with Greek Health
& Legal Services

Our Refugee Family

Our refugee family is very diverse as you can see from the stats below. Most are fleeing war torn zones. 
We create a loving community where they can feel safe, loved and accepted. 

We arrive with tears of pain and we leave with tears of Joy

A Refugee Friend




Our partners

We are eternally grateful to our partners who provide much needed practical goods and services enabling us to better serve our refugee community.

Christian Refugee Relief

CRR Logo

Christian Refugee Relief, CRR have supplied us with food and hygiene packs for our Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees.

Simply Burgers

Simply Burgers have not only supplied food to help the Ukrainian Refugees, but have also offered to train and employ some of them.

IBA Human Rights Institute

We work in partnership with the IBA’s Human Rights Institute outreach efforts in Athens to Afghan women lawyers and their families.

A taste of our work