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Omonia Church Retreat 2023

The 2023 Omonia Church Retreat was held from 28 June to 2 July, at the Kalamaki Beach Hotel which is situated on the outskirts of Ancient Corinth overlooking the Saronic Gulf. 

Our theme this year was “An Anchor for the Soul” Hebrews 6:19. As usual this was planned with meticulous detail by Alex and Eleni. Our guest speakers this year were: Trevor Williams, Julio A Rivas and Scott Tillman. We also had a support cast of helpers for the children’s work. Laura Vermeulen, Meredith McGinnis, Danae Erikat, Beth Rivas, and Michelle and Audrey Beth Tillman.

On the day we arrived, it was a time of many happy reunions with friends and family from Ukraine and Switzerland joining us! Alex led us in worship and prayer and taught on the topic of “Every Ship Needs an Anchor”. The Children created beautiful stained glass anchor pictures during their session.  

On day two, Trevor Williams led the morning session. The Theme was “Hope Anchored in Heaven, not in the Sand”, this was preceded by a wonderful time of worship. The children made kites in the morning and flew them in the evening a literal depiction of Anchors up to the heavens! 

On day three: Scott Tillman led the morning worship. The theme was, “Rough Seas let your anchor go”. Trevor once again led a time of worship. The children made a beautiful stormy sea’s banner. We gathered early for our evening session to spend a time of encouragement with six of our sisters who wanted to get baptised. The seas were indeed stormy, but it was a wonderful time of fellowship and blessing. Please remember all six sisters in your prayers.

We had a very full day on day four! Julio Rivas led the morning worship. The theme was “The Hope Anchored Soul”. Trevor once again led a time of worship with Alex closing in prayer. The children took up the theme of Feeding the hungry and thirsty sailors and decorated cakes and made lemonade for everyone. In the evening the adults had a time of prayer and worship followed by a question-and-answer session. The children let off steam with a sports evening enjoying racing, egg and spoon, and sack races amongst other things! They cooled down later by making nautical themed jewellery.

Later in the evening we had a lovely farewell celebration! It was a wonderful time. Sharing and fellowship were the centre point of our farewell celebration. Everyone who wanted to, shared about what the retreat meant to them. This was followed by wonderful singing from Nikos who is a talented musician. The evening was rounded off with a Ukrainian sing-along and Scottish and Ukrainian dancing under the moonlight! Trevor won the most enthusiastic team member trophy! 

On the Sunday we had a time of worship together followed by communion. After worship there was just time for a final swim in the sea or pool before getting the bus back to Athens. It was a very special time!