About Us

Serving the Greek and Refugee Community in the heart of Athens

What we believe

At Omonia we welcome people of all beliefs and none. We’re just happy to see visitors each week who maybe have big questions about life and its meaning.  You don’t need to sign up to our statement of faith to join us at Omonia – just come along!

For some people it is really important to know what we believe as a church (and it is for us!) so below you’ll find some of most important things we believe from the Bible.


 Scripture has final authority, and we should constantly seek to be shaped, and reshaped—by it.
2 Tim 3:16-17

Purpose of Creation

 The ultimate end of both creation and salvation is the glory of God. 
Rom 11:36; Col 1:16; Eph 1:6,12,14

The Call of Jesus

 Jesus calls all who follow him to “go and make disciples” and this should be the driving priority of every Christian’s life. 
Mat 28:19; Jn 20:21; 1 Cor 9:19


 We should keep secondary issues secondary for the sake of the gospel.

Our History

Omonia Church of Christ is an independent body of believers led and governed by its leaders. It aims to carry out the mission of the Christian Church: Love your neighbour as yourself.

Omonia Church was founded by a small group of Greeks in 1990. The church has always had a small core group of members but has been a welcoming host to many groups in need. In the 1990s it hosted Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants in search of work during the Eastern Block financial crisis. Over the following 10 years, the Church hosted many Iraqi people fleeing from the Iraq war. 

It is interesting how God prepares the place for them to come, and then he empties it because there is another group he has got in mind. God seems to use this place for people to get infected with his love and then go on. And they don’t forget, they don’t forget that God was with them here.
Eleni Melirrytou
Project Director

From the period between 2005- 2010 the Church hosted almost 200 people from 8 or 9 different nationalities including Greeks, Russians, Bulgarians, Taiwanese, Canadians. Then suddenly in 2011- 2012 the numbers began to drop as the financial crisis hit Greece, and the surrounding area of Omonia developed a reputation of being unsafe. Throughout this crisis, as many in the area were tempted to sell up the building and leave, the church persevered, knowing that even with a small congregation, Christ was present in this area where so much trouble was occurring. Their goal was to pray for the city; they knew they were where they needed to be. A few years later, the refugees started to arrive. 

As a church, its leadership is inspired by Biblical principles. There are two leaders who guide the church spiritually. The Board of Association takes care of the practical aspects of church life. Omonia Church is registered with the Department of Education and the Department of Religion. It holds permits both as a Church and as an Association.  

The church meets every Sunday morning for a worship service which is translated through wireless headsets for those who require it. Currently the core nationalities attending Sunday Services include Greeks, Bulgarians, Russians, Afghans, Syrians and Iranians. It is also a church which enjoys meeting many international visitors passing through Athens on a weekly basis. In the evening there is an English-speaking prayer group.