1. Omonia Church Data Retention and Deletion Policy

This purpose of this policy is to ensure that Omonia Church give clear information on how long data and documentation is retained for. This policy is intended to aid customers and volunteers of Omonia Church.

Throughout this document when you see the words ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’ this is referring to Omonia Church.

We are an independent Evangelical Church registered with the Department of Education and Religion in Greece. We hold permits both as a Church and as an Association and are registered under: The Court of Athens decision No: 4160/1983.

Our registered address is Pireos 28 (1st Floor) Athens 104 37 Greece.

We are a church who carries out outreach and related services. We collect personal data to allow us to maintain our own records and accounts and to also support our volunteers.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy you should contact Omonia Church Pireos 28 (1st Floor) Athens 104 37 Greece.

Our website address is: https://omoniachurch.com

2. Administration

Omonia Church administration of this data is overseen by the Minister and Elders of the Church and the Executive Director of the Agape Refugee Project. Any data collected will only be used for the purpose it was gathered for.

3. Suspension of Record Disposal

There may be certain occasions where information needs to be preserved beyond the limits set out in this policy. These situations may include, but are not limited to :

  • Legal proceedings or a regulatory (or similar) investigation
  • A crime is suspected or detected
  • Information is relevant to a company in liquidation where a debt is due to Omonia Church
  • The administrator will take immediate steps to promptly inform all affected parties if a suspension occurs.

4. Data Categories and Retention Schedule

Data Record Type

General Email and Correspondence,

Retention Period

1 year


General email correspondence will be deleted after 1 year. 

Volunteer Email and Corrospondence

1 year after end of service.

Volunteer email correspondence will be deleted 1 year after end of service.

Donor Email and Correspondence

7 years

Donor email correspondence will be deleted after 7 years.  It is a requirement to keep this data on file for this period for full audit and tax purposes.

Volunteer Application Forms

1 year after the end of service

Volunteer application form  will be deleted 1 year after end of service.

Volunteer Application Waivers

2 years after the end of service

Volunteer application waivers will be deleted after two years at the end of applicants service. Files are retained for this period to ensure safeguarding policies are adhered to after service.

Refugee Registration Data

10 years

This is in-line with record keeping guidelines. We keep this data to evidence our refugee trends and we manually delete files older than 10 years.

Financial Information

7 years

We hold financial information for 7 years for audit and tax purposes.

Website Submissions

1 year

Data submitted to us via any contact form on our website is retained in the website database for 1 year. After this period of time, the entries are automatically deleted.

Mailing / Donor Subscriber lists


Mailing list and Donor subscribers data is kept permanently on file until such time as they request to be removed from mailing / donor lists.